The Saklas


  • 2D platformer made in Unity
  • Projectile and special attacks
  • Parallaxing background elements
  • “Coyote time” and various little 2D platformer gameplay features

About This Project

The Saklas, 2019, Unity 
Personal Project 

This was a personal project that I worked on during the summer of 2019, and was a personal experiment in designing a 2D platformer using a pixel art cyberpunk art style. Because this was a personal project, I was a lot more laid back in my approach to the game, and spent a while looking at different assets that I could blend together using pre-existing assets as a placeholder, to be replaced by original but similar looking artwork later on. As of now, I haven’t yet found an artist to create these replacements, and the game overall is a work in progress, but I believe that it has a lot of potential.

I will be updating this page as further development takes place, so be sure to watch this space!