Don’t Let Him Catch You


  • 3D University project built in Unreal Engine
  • Evade enemies in a 3D environment
  • Enemies lock on to you using homing beacons

About This Project

Don’t Let Him Catch You
2020, Unreal, University

This was a university project that I worked on, and also the first game that I had made in the Unreal Engine. Being a fan of stealth horror games such as Outlast and Clock Tower, and upon hearing about the more sophisticated AI capabilities available in Unreal (such as “Hearing” functionalities), I felt compelled to recreate a stealth “Hide and Seek” style game, where the objective is simply to escape from the level, and not get caught.

This game was completed in a month, which I feel is pretty good, considering both the fact that I had never used the engine before, and had to learn how to use it as I went along, and also the fact that I created many of the assets used in the level (such as the furniture, computer, bathroom items etc) using Blender. This game is something that I would like to develop further into a more horror style game, with larger and more maze-like levels and more hiding mechanics.