• 3D University team project built in Unity
  • Transform into a bat and solve deadly light puzzles
  • Fight enemies with a sword

About This Project

Bat Hythen Man
2020, Unity, University Project

This is another university project that is currently in development, due to be finished next month. It’s being developed by myself and 4 other students, and I am again the lead programmer, as well as taking on the responsibility of Level Design. The player character is a vampire, and a lot of the mechanics are built around that. These mechanics include turning into a bat for a limited time (in order to complete puzzles and traverse the environment more freely), sunlight mechanics (with puzzles and level design being built around the idea that sunlight will be fatal to the player) and biting (which will refill health, but will also leave you vulnerable to attack).

I will be updating this page as development continues, so be sure to watch this space!