IndependAnts Day


  • 3D University team project built in Unity
  • Collect sugar cubes and avoid enemies
  • Randomized enemy encounters

About This Project

IndependAnts Day
2019, Unity, University Project

This was a university project that was completed in around 2 weeks with a team of 4 other students. I was the lead programmer for the game, and also the one who came up with the premise. We were given a random prompt to base the design of our game on, and ended up getting the word “Survival”. This led to me thinking of a game where you play as something tiny and vulnerable in a world where everything is bigger than you, which then led to me deciding to make the player character an Ant. Everything else then fell into place, with the enemies being bigger bugs and humans and the goal being to collect sugar cubes for the ant hive.

As this game was completed in around 2 weeks, the game is overall pretty rough, but I feel like the premise and the design of the insects are very good, however I would have liked to maybe change the colour of the Ant to red, so as to differentiate the player from the other bugs in the game. I feel like the game creates a sense of danger for the player, and can even lead to some tense moments.