RPG Game


  • 3D RPG concept made in Unity
  • Health, weapon and gold pickups
  • Branching Dialogue System and Alternate Gameplay Paths
  • Simple Puzzles to complete in order to traverse the environment

About This Project

This was a project that I developed for a university assignment, and was inspired by RPG games such as TESIV Oblivion, with mechanics such as branching dialogue systems and simple puzzles present. One of the main goals in developing this project was creating an environment that was convincingly medieval, and so I built the environment using clustered and differently shaped buildings lined along one wide road, but with tiny and cramped alleyways and winding pathways, which I feel I managed to deliver on.

This project was completed in just under a week, and I did not manage to implement a lot of mechanics that I had hoped to (such as a stealth system and a magic/spell casting functionality), however I think that it was a good result for the time frame that I had.