O Courier


  • 3D University team project built in Unity
  • Narrative-driven walking simulator

About This Project

O Courier
2019, Unity, University Project

This game was a university project that was made with a team of 4 other students. Just like the game “IndependAnts Day”, this game was based on a random prompt that we were given. This time, the prompt that we were given was “City Wide”, and was given to us specifically to contrast the small and restricted view/environment of IndependAnts Day.

I was again the lead programmer for this project, and also did a lot of the level design. My team and I agreed to make this a more narrative driven game, as the last game was more gameplay focused, and the 3 narrative students in our team felt as though they didn’t get to show off what they could do.

Just like IndependAnts Day, this game was completed in 2 weeks, and I believe that the game looks great given the time scale. If given more time, I would have liked to implement more parkour elements to the game, with the player having to run up walls or do dangerous looking jumps in order to traverse the environment.