Harrow Hospital


  • 3D University Dissertation Artefact built in Unity
  • Explore and escape the scary hospital with one of three camera perspectives
  • Hide and run from zombies

About This Project

Harrow Hospital
2020, Unity, University Dissertation Project

This is my dissertation artifact for my Thesis titled “How can Cinematography be used in Horror Games to affect the Player?”. The purpose of the artifact was to test how different camera perspectives in horror games changed the way in which the player responds to the danger and horrific events within the game.

The game consisted of one sprawling level which could be played in one of the following camera systems:

  • Fixed Camera System- akin to classic Resident Evil and Silent Hill games
  • First Person Camera System- a standard first-person perspective
  • Over-the-Shoulder Camera System- similar to the camera system found in such games as Resident Evil 4 or Dead Space


I subsequently earned a First for my Thesis, and the students that I had test the game all reported that they were not only scared, but also impressed.